The Road So Far

 Projects, Goals and Objectives

Recreation Centre

Since elected in 2010 and 2014, I have promised to find a way to deliver a recreation centre, including swimming pool, in a financially responsible manner.  Our proposed multi-use recreation centre will include a swimming pool, walking track, seniors and youth centres, as well as an 'idea lab' style library branch.  Most importantly, the cost of building this facility will be funded 90% through development fees collected from developers, and will sit on 8 hectares of land fully funded by park levies.  We are also in talks with the YMCA and other organizations about operational funding. Construction is intended to begin in 2020.


Fire Services and Facilities

Our council has been diligent in ensuring that our emergency services will be available when needed.  For the past eight years, we have made improvements to our fire equipment, to ensure the safety of our firefighters, and to make sure that they have to tools to assist us when needed.  As we've grown, we've increased the number of firefighters and prevention staff.  We are also in the process of improving our facilities, starting with a replacement of the Pefferlaw Fire Hall this year.  A new fire hall for south Keswick will be next (1-2 years), and we have recently secured land for that facility.  The Sutton Fire Hall is scheduled for renovation or relocation (2-4 years) pending further investigation.  

Community Parks and Equipment

During my first term of council, staff created a full inventory of our parks and equipment.  Since that time, our council has been diligent in following a repair and replacement schedule for our neighbourhood parks.  Each year, we replace or repair the parks all over Georgina, starting with the facilities in most need.  Having this master document to work from has provided us with better facilities, and more responsible government.

Sports Fields and West Park project

We have an inventory of some of the best sports fields in York Region.  Our soccer and baseball fields at the ROC are kept to the highest standards and are in continual use by our residents both young and adult.  We've put a plan together to rebuild West Park, so that it too can be an asset to our community, both with baseball fields, a clubhouse, and new play structures.  Construction is slated for 2019.

Customer Service Improvements

In 2017, the town implemented a number of customer service improvements, including a new customer service hub in our civic centre.  This initiative streamlines inquiries through one central department, delivering one-stop shopping for many resident inquiries.  We still have a way to go to reach our goal of superior customer service, and many new improvements are on the way.  

Other great projects...

There are many other great projects that have been completed or are upcoming, and I'll be adding more here.  In the meantime, if you'd like more information on a specific topic, have questions, or if you have suggestions on how our town should move forward, please contact me at [email protected] or 289-338-7076.