About Me

I've worked for municipalities for most of my life, five different ones so far!  I've also worked in Venture Capital, Event Management and Private Education.

I currently own and operate a small education business, and after the pandemic started, I began a career in healthcare with our  local hospital.

Committees and Boards

Town Committees

I've served on a number of town committees and boards over the past twelve years.
  • Economic Development Committee
  • Health Care Council
  • Safe Streets Committee
  • Georgina Public Library Board
  • Broadband Committee
  • Accessibility Advisory Committee
  • Thane Smelter Committee
  • The Link Steering Committee
  • Official Plan Review Steering Committee
  • Georgina Chamber of Commerce Council Representative

Regional Boards and Committees

During the two years I served on York Region's council, I was a representative on the following committees.

  • Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA)
  • Agricultural Advisory Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • York Region's representative for the Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO)

My Family

I am supported by an amazing family.  My husband, Stuart, works locally as an elementary school teacher.  I have two beautiful daughters, ages 12 and 17 who attend school here in Georgina. 

Our family has lived in Georgina for 22 years.  We purchased our first home in Keswick in 2000.  We now reside in Sutton West, right in the centre of Georgina

More About Me

Early life

I grew up in a small town, just north of Sudbury, Ontario.  As a child and teenager, I competed in cross-country skiing, triathlons and cross-country running.  I was pleased to have the opportunity to compete at the Canada Winter Games for cross-country skiing.   

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